Founded in 1989, Vista Life Innovations is a full-service organization supporting individuals with disabilities throughout the various stages of life. Accredited by the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES), programs and services offered include our hallmark community-based transition programming, employment services, advocacy services, arts programming, recreational programming, benefits counseling, assessment services and a summer program for prospective students.

Our Philosophy

Vista is an active and engaged member of the local business and residential communities in which we operate. From partnerships with local businesses to relationships built and maintained with community neighbors, we strive to consistently raise awareness about our program and our students and members. This community-based approach permeates all that we do and is ingrained in the philosophical underpinnings of the programs and services we offer.

Our Mission

Providing services and resources to assist individuals with disabilities achieve personal success.

Core Values

Vista Life Innovations has core values that describe what is important to us and are essential in carrying out our mission. Vista students and members, staff, leadership including the Board of Directors, families, and community partners pledge to hold true to these core values.

Respect. All people have the right to equal opportunity and to be treated with dignity.
Diversity. Differences among us bring strength, value and perspective.
Integrity. We are honest, sincere and trustworthy with each other in our decisions and actions.
Personal Development. We have high expectations for ourselves and others, encourage curiosity, and support opportunities to grow and learn.
Community & Human Connection. Relationships within our chosen communities are necessary to the human experience and create value, significance and belonging.
Leadership. We inspire, create solutions and impact others positively.
Accountability. We are responsible to each other and for the results of our actions.
Perseverance. We have the will to try and the courage to change.
Excellence. We strive to be the best we can be and take pride in achieving high standards.