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Community Integration

All of our programming is focused on the goal of enabling individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the wider community. At Vista, the wider community is a classroom!

Community Involvement

New students begin their journey toward independence with immersion in the Discover Program, where they share a nurturing, accepting and educational community with their peers. This comprehensive residential experience helps them build the self-confidence, self-esteem, and social and vocational skills necessary for greater independence. Through experiential activities and opportunities, students learn skills that will enable them to live in the wider community, with support services as needed from Vista.

We offer a rich array of clubs and activities to meet many interests, develop new skills and to promote student participation in local community life. We work to creatively engage the general public, employers and others as partners.

Diversity Awareness Program

Launched in 2004, our Diversity Awareness Program was created to increase the knowledge regarding disabilities within the community in order to demystify this issue and promote greater general acceptance of individuals with disabilities. As Vista is a community-based training program, our students’ and members’ success is based on their full integration into the wider community. Promoting community acceptance is also extremely important to Vista’s mission.

The Diversity Awareness Program consists of presentations by Vista students/members to promote tolerance, respect and acceptance of individuals with disabilities among children of middle and high school age. Each presentation involves 3 to 4 Vista students and members who present speeches that address what it is like to live with disabilities and issues of bullying and harassment, which are now of national concern. Our students and members also describe what they have achieved and what their lives are like now. This resonates with middle and high school students from schools and youth organizations located along the shoreline who have similar interests and concerns.