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20 Years in the Making
John Morgan


February/March Core Value Highlight: Diversity
Differences among us bring strength, value, and perspective.

In the halls of the Westbrook Elks Lodge, overlooking West Beach, over 40 people convened for the special occasion of the Charter Club Luncheon. The Charter Club is an incredible collection of Vista Members and Staff that have been part of the community for over 20 years, and exemplifies diversity with the various perspectives that they all bring together. Vista Engage member Greg described the luncheon as, “a reminder of the many activities and adventures I’ve had and a reminder of the friendships I’ve made.”

Vista Staff Sue (right) and Engage Member Amelia (left) are a mother-daughter duo and are both members of the Charter Club.

Vista CEO Helen Bosch remembers the founding of the club fondly. “When Vista was celebrating its 20th anniversary, we wanted a way to keep its remarkable history and connections alive. What better way than to keep its longstanding staff and members united with the formation of this very special Club. People wait anxiously to become part of it, and it’s fun to welcome new members into the club every year.”

As the luncheon ended, everyone took part in another Charter Club tradition, sharing stories about their time at Vista. Everything from fondly remembering the trip to Washington D.C. to laughing about the old phone booth at the original Vista Campus. Staff member Scott Taylor enjoys sharing these memories, saying, “The perspective gained as a Charter member provides a strong understanding of Vista’s continuous and necessary evolution yet have always unwaveringly honored and been guided by our mission.”

Finally, everyone started filtering out of the meeting hall, getting together with the friends they would be traveling with, and hugging the friends that they were saying goodbye to, for now.

More to come…

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