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Connect Community Celebrates at Holiday Hoopla
Becky Lipnick

At Vista, we believe that a sense of community is what binds us together. In fact, those at Vista learn that it is possible to become active members of a diverse array of communities.

In this blog series, What does Community Mean to You?, we will be highlighting a few of the communities that our students and members take part in. We hope that by reading these stories, you will be able to learn about the valuable connections that our students and members make every day.

The holiday season is a time to come together and appreciate our relationships with one another. In Vista’s Connect Program, members gathered for a day of festive games and holiday cheer at our Holiday Hoopla.

The Holiday Hoopla is a Connect tradition at Vista that our members look forward to each year. As an event, it is known for its interactive, holiday-themed games and activities. One popular trivia game, Name That Tune, was themed with holiday music and had the members dancing in their seats!

Some Vista members showing off their Holiday Hoopla prizes

During the day, each member received a game prize, fostering excitement and conversation over their Hoopla gifts. Betsy Muzyka, a Connect Program Instructor, describes, “It was wonderful to see the joyful expressions on the members' faces when they saw their prizes! They were so happy and excited to show them off to each other.”


Vista members posing for photos in front of Connect's holiday door

Additionally, the members showed off their holiday spirit by posing for pictures in front of the Connect holiday door, which the members had previously decorated together earlier in the season. The Connect door was part of Vista's Adopt-a-Door Challenge, in which students, members, and staff created unique decorations on doorways throughout the Vista community (the Connect door won the award for "Best Use of Snow"!).

We loved seeing our Connect members celebrate the season together at the Holiday Hoopla...we look forward to carrying this Vista tradition into the new year and beyond!

More to come!