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Core Value Accountability Blog: Vista's Bike Club
Lori Cartwright

Several years ago, Vista created a set of nine Core Values that describe what is important to us as we work to impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and the broader community. For 2022, we have chosen to focus our blog series on these Core Values - telling the story of our students and members and our organization through this important and powerful lens.

September Core Value Highlight: ACCOUNTABILITY 

With Vista’s Tour de Shore 2022 (our annual cycling event and fundraiser) just three weeks away, the Vista Bike Club provides a perfect example of Accountability in action in the Vista community. Led by staff member and avid cyclist Roger Krasusky, this Quality of Life recreation offering gives our students and members a chance to prepare for riding in the event. Each meeting starts with Roger reviewing safety issues and bicycle maintenance. Then the Club members head off on a group ride.


Members of the Vista Bike Club

Club members are accountable for making sure they arrive on time for Club meetings or notifying Roger if they won’t be able to attend, so the riders can depart on time. As an example, Club member Tyler recently injured his hand and was unable to ride but displayed great reliability by showing up to cheer the group on as they departed on their group ride.

They’re also accountable for obeying traffic rules while they cycle. During a recent ride, the Club members met with a Westbrook police officer during their mid-ride break at the town beach parking lot. He explained that bicycles are considered a vehicle, and therefore are required to follow the same rules as any other driver on the road. The group then practiced braking and shifting skills at every stop sign along the way.

Checking tire pressure to ensure a safe ride

A club is only successful if its members work together as a team, and teamwork requires accountability. As the Club’s cycling route increased from 2 miles to 5 miles, the members were organized into riding pairs to watch out for each other along the course. The pairs can pedal at their own pace and no one is left behind.

We made it!

The Vista Bike Club teaches our students and members accountability, but never forgets the primary goal: a fun experience! You can support the Club’s ride in Vista’s Tour de Shore 2022 by visiting their team page (click here). Better yet, sign up to be a part of their team – anyone is welcome to join them!

You can follow the Vista Bike Club on their blog page here.

More to come!