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Core Value Diversity Wrap-up
Lori A. Cartwright


Several years ago, Vista created a set of nine Core Values that describe what is important to us as we work to impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and the broader community. For 2022, we have chosen to focus our blog series on these Core Values - telling the story of our students and members and our organization through this important and powerful lens.

March 2022 Core Value Highlight: DIVERSITY

Our year of highlighting the Vista Core Values continued in March as we turned our attention to diversity. We're wrapping up this month with a look back at some of the ways diversity is found throughout Vista's programming.

Discover students with Program Instructor Toshema Poole

During a group lesson at the Discover Program, students compared diversity to an iceberg. While parts of the iceberg are visible, much of its mass is below the surface. Similarly, everyone has aspects of themselves that are obvious, while other aspects aren't as easily perceived. By being aware of this, students can learn how to interact with their peers who may have a different temperament than their own.


Vista's Cafés offer a great chance to share dinner with friends!

Vista Engage members have the opportunity to experience diversity by visiting one of the Cafés held on Vista campuses. Sharing a meal and activity with peers allows the participants to make their own choices and respect each other’s decisions. The discussion around an entree choice at one recent Cafe dinner led the group to decide to observe the upcoming Passover holiday by sharing a kosher meal together.

New Discover student Alexandra enjoys lunch with her peers

Vista Discover student Alexandra shared that engaging with her peers at the Westbrook Dormitory has increased her confidence. She enjoys taking the time to learn about her fellow students' backgrounds, hobbies, learning styles, and what makes them unique. Diversity empowers Vista students and members to navigate the community more easily and adapt to situations where they interact with people who are different from them.

As we head into April, our attention will move to the next featured Core Value: Integrity.

More to come!