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Diversity Flowers
John Morgan


March Core Value Highlight: Diversity
Differences among us bring strength, value, and perspective.

As the month of March comes to an end, so too does the focus on the Core Value of Diversity. We have highlighted amazing programs, celebrated long term achievements, and shared with all of you the diverse spectrums of the Vista community. To close out the months of Diversity, Vista students, members, and staff took part in the “Diversity Flower” activity.

Vista students James (left) and Catherine (right) showing the flowers that they helped create


Each person got to design a flower petal, and the petals were arranged to make flowers with a diverse array of designs and messages. Vista staff member Tammy says that the flowers “allow us to reflect on how we are all unique and how people define themselves in relation to others, in looking at both commonalities and differences.” The center of the flower was then filled in with something that every group member had in common.


Some wonderful flowers made by Vista Staff

The Diversity Flower exercise was so much fun, and we encourage you at home to try it with your friends and family. See the instructions below to make your own flower! Everyone at Vista had so much fun creating flowers and the activity was a great way to show that despite our differences we can still come together and create something great.

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“Diversity Flower” Activity

Purpose:  This activity allows us to reflect on how we are all unique and how people define themselves in relation to others, in looking at both commonalities and differences.


  • Cardstock or any thick paper, we suggest fun colors!
  • Drawing and/or Painting materials (Colored pencils, paint, pens, etc.)
  • Glue or stapler

Instruction:  Break the team/group into 4 to 6 people each. Cut the cardstock or paper into a flower petal shape, and cut out a large circle to use as the center of the flower.  Note…if your team/group is smaller than 4 people, this is Ok – you can have each person fill out two or more petals each.

Each person should fill a petal with something that is unique about themselves…anything that makes them stand out from the others.

Unique elements to use include Social Roles, Values, Activities, Hobbies

The center of the flower should be filled with the group’s common “something.” The common element does not have to be taken from the individual petals.  You can list a new element created by the group.

Arrange the flower petals around the center of the flower and secure them in place with glue or a stapler.

If you have multiple groups, bring the groups together to show/discuss their flower.


·        How did participants choose the elements of their individual flower?  How easy/difficult was it?

·        What was the process for identifying the common element? 

·        What did participants appreciate in other flowers?  What did they learn about others and/or themselves?


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