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Integrity at Work
Becky Lipnick


Several years ago, Vista created a set of nine Core Values that describe what is important to us as we work to impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and the broader community. For 2022, we have chosen to focus our blog series on these Core Values - telling the story of our students and members and our organization through this important and powerful lens.

April Core Value Highlight: INTEGRITY

When it comes to finding and maintaining paid employment, it is important to demonstrate that one has personal integrity. Employers are looking to hire those that they can trust and rely on as a valuable member of their team. The students and members at Vista understand that integrity is key to prospering in a vocational position and work with Vista’s Job Development staff to become ready for paid employment.

Wilson, a Discover student, has been developing his independence skills and recently started a paid position in medical materials handling at Ventures Business Services, a business enterprise of Vista. This year, with his personal goals in mind, Wilson demonstrated his reliability by consistently attending his job training sites, staying focused during his training and working on his vocational skillset.

Wilson assembling medical trays at his new position at Ventures Business Services

While training at job sites, Wilson developed positive thinking skills that support him well beyond work: “One of my main distractions is worrying what people think, something I’ve struggled with my whole life, or thinking about the future. The staff at Vista have helped me clear my mind of all distractions, to focus on one thing to get done in the moment before moving to the next task.”

Wilson actively works to maintain a positive mentality and be considerate to others. At Solstice, a senior retirement community where Vista students develop their job skills in the dining hall, Wilson recalls, “I made sure to say ‘hi’ to different people who passed by the tables I was working at, particularly the senior residents. They would see me smile at them and I could see it made them happy; they would smile and say hello back. This gave me reassurance and caused me to be friendly to the next person I saw. It was a chain reaction.”

At Solstice and his other job sites, Wilson developed his vocational skills, such as being patient, accurate and neat with his work. Wilson demonstrated these skills during his Ventures job assessment which allowed him to secure his new employment making medical trays for local hospitals. Helping people through his work is deeply motivating for Wilson and he is thrilled to be working at Ventures. When asked about his new position, he shares, “I am excited and grateful for all the support that I have and to be working at Ventures. I am eager to continue to impress the team there. It’s a perfect training ground for me to learn to do harder jobs in the future and to make my reputation there the best I can.”

Nicole reviewing inventory at her job at a local fabric and craft store

Once in a paid employment position, it is important to prove with your words and actions that you are able to rise to the occasion in your chosen field. Nicole, a Vista member who has worked at a local fabric and crafts store for about two years, is a valued member of their team. Cheryl Hontz, Nicole’s Vista Job Coach, describes:

“Nicole is well respected by her supervisor and coworkers. They take the time to model a specific task for her and allow her to work it out independently. Nicole does not have one to one support at work as she only needs 'check-ins' with me, her job coach. These check-ins include speaking with her supervisor about any concerns or issues that may arise and providing adaptive solutions to challenging tasks such as counting and scanning stock items.”

Nicole scanning products while at work

At her job, Nicole supports customers, unloads and organizes inventory and works hard to help out her team. She explains: “I like going to work because it’s fun and I get to see a lot of different people. I like crafting and I can help customers with finding things for their crafts. We work together at the store. If we have a lot to do, I will work with my coworkers on a task. If we don’t finish, someone else will step in and do the rest on the next shift.”

In each of their positions, Wilson and Nicole showcase the value of demonstrating integrity while at work. We look forward to seeing how both of them grow and evolve at their jobs in the future!

More to come!