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Introduction to 2022 Core Values Series
Becky Lipnick

Several years ago, Vista created a set of nine Core Values that describe what is important to us as we work to impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and the broader community.

For 2022, we have chosen to have all of our blog this year focus on these Core Values - telling the story of our students and members and our organization through this important and powerful lens.

As seen in the calendar below, we have assigned a "Core Value" to each month (some Core Values cover two months since there are nine) and we will be publishing stories on the "monthly Core Value" throughout the year.

We hope that you enjoy this annual series. Learn more about Vista Core Values by reading them below and join us in celebrating what values are important to us and our community by clicking here to download your own Vista's Core Values 2022 Calendar.

Vista Core Values

Core Values CalendarRespect. All people have the right to equal opportunity and to be treated with dignity.

Diversity. Differences among us bring strength, value and perspective.
Integrity. We are honest, sincere, and trustworthy with each other in our decisions and actions.
Personal Development. We have high expectations for ourselves and others, encourage curiosity, and support opportunities to grow and learn.
Community & Human Connection. Relationships within our chosen communities are necessary to the human experience, create value, significance and belonging.

Leadership. We seek to inspire, create solutions, and impact others positively.
Accountability. We are responsible to each other, and for the results of our actions.
Perseverance. We have the will to try, and the courage to change.

Excellence. We strive to be the best we can be and take pride in achieving high standard

*Pictured above right is Vista's "Core Values 2022 Calendar."


Stay tuned for the introduction to our first Core Value…Respect!