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Personal Development at Creations
Pia Lauder


April/May Core Value Highlight: Personal Development
We have high expectations for ourselves and others, encourage curiosity, and support opportunities to grow and learn.

Our next blog series will focus on the Core Value of Personal Development, in which each student or member aspires to achieve their goals, cultivate independence, and be their best selves.

Creations Team Members pictured with Daniel Hand High School students.

Students can learn vocational skills by training in the store of Vista's social enterprise, Creations. During a recent visit, the sales associate team, comprised of Vista students and members, demonstrated their growth over the last year by sharing their work experience with seven Daniel Hand High School students with disabilities.

Engage member and Creations Sales Associate Courtney trains high school students at a workstation. 

The goal of this visit was to talk to the students about what it means to work in a retail context and to show them how to be a part of an integrated workforce like Creations. Workstations were put up throughout the store, and the seven high school students were divided into two teams. Each team was given the opportunity to conduct job duties such as welcoming customers, cleaning, unpacking an order, sorting products, and labeling products. They also highlighted crucial themes including the value of a résumé, proper hygiene, and professionalism.

It is amazing to see our students and members sharing their workplace success skills with the community, demonstrating that personal development is a collaborative effort.

More to come!

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