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Sam at the Museum
John Morgan


March Core Value Highlight: Diversity
Differences among us bring strength, value, and perspective.

Here at Vista, we hope that our members take pride in their careers and the work that they do for the community. To highlight this, we are taking a look at the success of our community member through Sam Stark.

Sam is celebrating his fifth year as the videographer for the Florence Griswold Museum, an art and history museum located in Old Lyme, Connecticut. If you were to explore the museum’s website, YouTube channel, or social media platforms, you would find videos created by Sam, highlighting the museum's work, collections, and events.

Sam spoke to us about his video work, “Vista helped me find the Florence Griswold Museum after I discovered that I wanted to get paid for making videos. It was a challenge at the time because there weren't a lot of companies that held that position. Vista finally found the Florence Griswold Museum, and I went for an interview, and they thought I was a good match for them, and they were right.”


Sam's first day at the Florence Griswold Museum (left) and his fifth anniversary at the museum (right)

“I loved working with different art exhibits and having the privilege to go over boundaries to get that special photograph for that video. As the years went on, I developed wonderful connections with my coworkers, and now they’re like a second family to me.”

We at Vista are so proud of Sam's accomplishments, and it is so inspiring to see someone from the Vista community make an impact in the shoreline community. If you want to check out Sam’s work, visit Sam’s website at and The Florence Griswold Museum’s YouTube channel at

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