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What's Cooking? Vista Discover Students Explore New Recipes
Shannon Sullivan-Murnane

While no one can know exactly what the next year will bring, we believe in the resiliency and power of our students and members. This blog series will highlight some of their personal accomplishments, new Vista opportunities and events that focus on Personal Development, one of Vista's core values.

Beginning in the New Year, Vista's Discover Program (our post-secondary dormitory-based transition program) revamped its daily menu. While planning and preparing meals for 30 students can present a challenge, this effort was undertaken to better address the students' dietary needs while also adding variety and new flavors.

The new menu features dairy and gluten free options, with recipes designed to be easy to prepare, healthy, and super tasty! To accomplish this important task, Vista's programing staff partnered with local chef Joe Vitti to plan and develop the new good!

Albert F preparing the Discover students' first gluten

and dairy free meal - Tex-Mex Chicken. YUM!

Not only are students enjoying the new items, but we are also meeting the specific dietary needs of our students. And this new menu is just the beginning – our dormitory menu will be updated seasonally, taking care to highlight seasonal produce offerings and keeping things fresh!

For many of us, planning a new menu and eating healthy can be challenging but with the help of Chef Vitti, we can be assured that our Discover students are having a healthier (and tastier) start to 2021!

More to come...

Connecting Through Art Webinar

Thursday, March 25 • 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Join Vista to learn about the benefits of the arts and participate in a guided art directive.

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