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Introducing "More Connected Than Ever 2.0" Series
Introducing "More Connected Than Ever 2.0" Series
Becky Lipnick

As we continue to face the unknown, our connections inspire us to move forward. Our newest blog series, "More Connected Than Ever 2.0," is designed to deepen our connections so that we are all able to remain flexible and positive this summer.

To become more connected than ever, it is important to do two things: share stories about who we are and reach out to learn more about those in the greater Vista community.

To understand someone's story, it is beneficial to see it.

In our effort to share our stories, our first posts in this blog series will show "A Day in the Life" for several people who are a part of the Vista community by sharing key pieces of a typical day for our students, members and staff.

Each of us - students, members and staff - have our own personal journey's to share and we hope you enjoy learning about a few of them!

After sharing a few of our stories with you, the remainder of the blog posts in this series will use surveys and their results to share some summer favorites for people within the broader Vista community...

More to come!