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5 Things to Know: Final Thoughts
5 Things to Know: Final Thoughts
Becky Lipnick

As we have continued to experience the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we began asking ourselves...if we could share "5 Things" that have taken place in the Vista community over the past few months – what would those be?

During this series, we shared how our students and members are practicing coping skills, creatively organizing virtual gatherings, staying active, supporting others in the community and finding everyday ways to adapt to our new reality.

Above all else, we wanted to highlight the incredible resilience of our students and members...something that we have done for our entire 30-year existence - and will continue to do in the years that lie ahead...

The world around us continues to change, but at Vista, celebrating our students and members is one thing that will not...

Be safe and well everyone!