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"A Day in the life" - a Typical Day for Vista Staff
"A Day in the life" - a Typical Day for Vista Staff
Pia Lauder

As we continue to face the unknown, our connections inspire us to move forward. Our newest blog series, "More Connected Than Ever 2.0," is designed to deepen our connections so that we are all able to remain flexible and positive this summer.

Our first posts in this blog series will show "A Day in the Life" for several people who are a part of the Vista community by sharing key pieces of a typical day for our students, members and staff.

Throughout our 30-year history, the staff at Vista have always worked together to make our mission possible: supporting individuals with disabilities achieve personal success. With the rise of COVID-19, we have been finding new ways to become "More Connected Than Ever." Below is some of the stories of a few of our staff members...

During COVID-19, Vista has provided in-person supports throughout this crisis. That being said, we all had to adapt to a new typical day. For Vista, this meant finding virtual ways to offer staff interaction and virtual programming to our students and members. During this transition, our IT department was instrumental in supporting over 150 employees in learning Zoom, our virtual platform. Michael, our Systems Administrator, has seen this experience as a way to become more connected. Michael explains, "During the last few months, we [in IT] have been able to help most of our staff adjust to our "new normal" by answering questions, resolving any technological issues and checking in."

Throughout COVID-19, with the help of IT, our staff have been using Zoom to teach our students and members. Katherine, a Life Skills Instructor, says, "This experience has made me feel a better bond with my members." However, the transition has not always been easy. For instance, Katherine has found cooking lessons difficult to teach over Zoom. Yet, this challenge has had its benefits. She notes, "At first, members found it hard because I was not in their kitchens. But these individuals are now more confident with their cooking skills because they learned so much on their own."

While Vista is still providing in-person supports with proper social-distancing, some meetings are also virtual. For Kitty, the Director of Engage Services, these Zoom meetings have been invaluable. "Having the ability to meet with teams over video calls and see the faces of people that I work with during a time when we cannot all be together in person has given me a greater sense of connection to my Vista community – seeing them brings a smile to my face!"

Click the video below to see a few of our staff members "connecting" during a typical day.

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