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"A Day in the life" - a Vista Student's First Day of Work
"A Day in the life" - a Vista Student's First Day of Work
Elle Rohleder

As we continue to face the unknown, our connections inspire us to move forward. Our newest blog series, "More Connected Than Ever 2.0," is designed to deepen our connections so that we are all able to remain flexible and positive this summer.

Our first posts in this blog series will show "A Day in the Life" for several people who are a part of the Vista community by sharing key pieces of a typical day for our students, members and staff.

The following details a typical day of a student in Vista's Discover Program – a residential transition program for young adults designed to teach all the skills needed to live independently and successfully...

On a recent sunny morning at Coral Sands Beach in Westbrook, a team from the Ventures Property Care Crew was raking the sand and clearing the beach of shells and debris. For Vista's Discover Program student, Tyler, this was an exciting morning, as it was his first day on the job.

Vista student Tyler who recently began working with the Ventures Property Care Crew

"I set my alarm because I had to get up at 6:00, which is earlier than usual," Tyler shared, "I didn't want to be late for work." Once up, Tyler completed his morning routine: "I ate a little breakfast, drank a big glass of water and got dressed. I didn't have my Ventures uniform shirt yet, so I wore shorts, a regular shirt and my face mask."

Crew leader Dominic welcomed Tyler to the job site and supervised his training. "We reviewed using the rake and the sifter to smooth the sand and make the area look nice. Tyler was able to grasp the correct way to use the tools very quickly – he was a natural at it."

Tyler working with the Ventures Property Care Crew on his first day of work

As a student in Vista's Discover Program, Tyler has worked hard to develop the skills necessary for maintaining employment in the community. When he was ready to explore opportunities for employment, Vista staff worked with Tyler to consider possible jobs. This included an assessment last month working with Ventures Property Care in beach cleanup. According to Tyler, "I thought about different types of jobs. I like to be outside, and I'm really strong, so working at the beach was a job that I thought I would be good at."

After completing his work at Coral Sands, Tyler's first day continued at Sagamore Beach, another of the six local beaches that the Ventures Property Care Crew is contracted to keep groomed. Tyler commented, "I sifted and smoothed out the sand and put stuff away so the beach looked nice. My roommate was on the crew, too – so that was fun. It was a lot of work. I held cans that we filled with shells and sand. The cans got really heavy."

When the beach cleanup was finished for the day, Tyler returned to his dorm where he relaxed, enjoyed a snack, drank a lot of water and completed his daily programming. As he reflected on his first day, Tyler revealed a variety of emotions. "I felt okay about starting work – I was very excited, but a little nervous at first. By the end of the day I was less nervous." Ventures Crew Leader Dominic commented on Tyler's initial success, "He was a superman of property care on his first day! He was enthusiastic to get started and was full of energy throughout the day."

With the help of Vista staff, Tyler created a new typical day during not-so-typical times. Now, as a regular part of the Ventures Property Care Crew, Tyler's alarm clock rings early in the morning, and he promptly and enthusiastically begins his day – using his skills and his strength to ensure that each day he's on the job, he is at his best.