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Being Flexible during Summer Celebrations
Being Flexible during Summer Celebrations
Pia Lauder

As many of us know, due to the current crisis, the coming summer brings with it a significant amount of uncertainty...but it also brings us the opportunity to embrace the need to be flexible in our thinking – and in our actions.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles that will share ways in which Vista, our students and members, and even our supporters have embraced this concept...we hope you enjoy reading about "The Summer of being Flexible"...

Different than in years past, this Memorial Day, Vista students and members celebrated with a virtual dance party, BBQ and games. It was a day to spend quality time with family and friends as a kickoff to summer.

In previous years, Vista students, members and staff would gather at the beach to enjoy conversation and good food. While our big gathering was virtual this year for Memorial Day...students and members had a bundle of laughs (and fun!) practicing summer flexibility during this time of social distancing...follow the link at the bottom of this email to view a short video of this year's activity...

Vista members like Teddy got into the holiday spirit this Memorial Day

In addition to celebrating major holidays, it is meaningful to find ways to virtually celebrate personal events like a friend's birthday. For the first time in years, several Vista students and members had to celebrate their birthday without the (in-person) company of friends surrounding a candlelit cake. Nevertheless, Vista member, Scott, kept the good times rolling by celebrating his birthday with Vista staff, friends and family over Zoom – still enjoying everyone's good company...

Scott (last row, second from right) celebrating his birthday with friends, family and Vista staff

As you can see in these examples, the actions of our students and members remind us that if you have a flexible attitude, this coming summer can still be packed with fun and good company....(remember to check out our quick Memorial Day video by clicking the image below)!

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