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Goal Setting with New Year's Resolutions
Goal Setting with New Year's Resolutions
Becky Lipnick

While no one can know exactly what the next year will bring, we believe in the power of our students and members. This blog series will highlight some of their personal accomplishments, new Vista opportunities and events that focus on Personal Development, one of Vista's core values.

Setting goals is an important concept that many of us use when we work on our own personal development...Vista's students and members are no different.

In many of our programs, our students and members use goal setting when making New Year's Resolutions. In our Connect day programming, for instance, this effort goes beyond the initial task of determining and setting personal goals - our students and members then support each other throughout the year via weekly meetings where progress, or any potential challenges, are discussed.

Connect Day Programming's New Year's Resolutions Group

During January in Connect, the group members focus on choosing their goals and thinking of ways to achieve them. We wanted to share a few examples of our members' goals for the coming year!

Working on a healthier lifestyle is a popular pick for many at the start of a new year. Georgia (pictured below) is continuing her pursuit from last year, her first year at Vista, to stay fit. To achieve her goal, she plans to continue taking part in Vista's exercise activities over Zoom and in person!

One way Georgia meets her goal of staying active is by walking around Vista's Madison campus

Another area of personal growth that many of us may choose to work on is expanding our social outlets. In this case, Connect member Tara decided that one of her goals for the new year is to be more social. Peers supported her goal development by suggesting that she could participate in social gatherings via Zoom. Connect Instructor Betsy Muzyka also suggested she could spend time with her roommates in the common area of their home.

Being mindful has become an essential part of everyone's day-to-day activities, especially during COVID. Connect member John decided that he wants to be more mindful of being patient with others. For example, he indicated that he sometimes feels impatient when doing chores with his roommates. To help work on his goal, he plans to help them with their specific tasks (like loading the dishwasher together) to practice understanding and support his friends in his household.

Perhaps some of the examples that we have shared - being mindful...expanding our social outlets...or working on a healthier lifestyle...will help you set (or revise) your personal goals for 2021...we have enjoyed sharing them with you!

Be well...and happy goal setting!