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Hello Employment
Hello Employment
Tod Van Kirk

At Vista, we are looking forward to several of our "fall favorites," which we will experience in new and creative ways...

Over the next six weeks or so, we will be sharing several of our "revised fall favorites" with you...we hope that the stories we share help to inspire you to be open-minded and flexible in your planning as well...

We all know the powerful role that employment plays in our lives.

From providing structure to your day, opportunities for socialization and (of course) a paycheck, having meaningful employment fulfills many important needs.

At Vista, our students and members working in their chosen vocations are no different, and their work is meaningful for the community.

Various Vista Students and Members at Work

Prior to COVID, over 90% of Vista students and members seeking employment opportunities had found that "right" opportunity...while - like everywhere - COVID has impacted the Vista community, we are pleased to share that the vast majority of our students and members continue to work in their chosen vocations...simply seen as valued employees - something we all strive to be in the workplace.

In addition to our students and members continuing on in their community-based, paid employment and volunteer opportunities, some employers are temporarily closed or limited, and the COVID period has challenged us to look inward in identifying additional training or assessment sites that may exist within our internal operations. Over the course of the past few months, several new opportunities to foster skill growth or evaluate skillsets have been identified and our vocational team is in the process of implementing these new opportunities for those in this important stage of their vocational exploration.

For instance, Ventures Business Services (a social enterprise of Vista) recently began offering a new internship opportunity for a student/member created to develop vocational skills. We are pleased to share that one of our newer students was just accepted into this internship and will be starting work shortly!

More Images of Vista Students and Members at Work

While there may remain uncertainty in the times ahead, we will continue to proudly work with our community-based employers - our partners in providing an important piece in the lives of our students and members...further building relationships with these existing partners while also keeping an eye towards working with new businesses to uncover new employment opportunities for our students and members.

On that note...if you are an employer (or know of one) and are interested in partnering with Vista in this effort, simply reply to this email and we will be in touch!

Good health to all...