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Hello Recreation, Again!
Hello Recreation, Again!
Brittany Czajkowski

At Vista, we are looking forward to several of our "fall favorites," which we will experience in new and creative ways...

Over the next six weeks or so, we will be sharing several of our "revised fall favorites" with you...we hope that the stories we share help to inspire you to be open-minded and flexible in your planning as well...

The value of having meaningful recreation is significant. From social to physical benefits, recreation is an essential aspect of an individual's quality of life. Given our present pandemic precautions, Vista's programming has had to adapt. Despite these changes, our recreational offerings have continued to provide community development, learning, and opportunities to be active.

Vista's fall 2020 Recreation Program is well underway. Students and members have had various opportunities to participate in clubs and activities safely – with even more activities being scheduled for the coming months.

Students and Members Participating in our "Social Games" Event

One of the initial activities offered this fall was an interactive "social games" event. Following established safety protocols, students and members engaged in games like Charades and Pictionary. Sabrina Wilcox, a staff member who facilitated the activity, states, "As the recreational program has resumed, mask wearing, smaller group sizes, and physical distancing has been implemented to follow safety guidelines. However, it doesn't take away from the excitement and joy among the students and members participating in activities and clubs. The import of being around one another and forming social connections continues to be immeasurable."

Recreation that promotes wellness has always been a part of Vista's programming. From exercise classes to mindfulness activities, students and members can find inner and physical wellbeing. Later in October, students and members participated in wellness opportunities like an outdoor "Sit-Fit" class. Sit-Fit is a full-body workout class conducted from a seated position. Coach Paul Weiland from Oak Hill's Adaptive Sport and Fitness facilitated the class at our Madison campus.

Some of our Sit-Fit Participants getting a Workout Outside

To give our students and members even more programming choices, Vista started offering virtual recreational programming options as well. Curtis Perry, a Vista staff member organizing the "Virtual Trivia Club," mentions how "trivia questions will start conversations or prompt a member to share a short memory with the group. So, despite the virtual nature of the group, members are engaging and finding social community with their peers." Additionally, having virtual clubs allows members and students who are not comfortable with in-person programs to experience recreational opportunities.

As we mentioned, the fall season for Vista looks different this year. However, the Recreation Program still includes favorite fall activities we all love – like apple picking at Scott's Farm pictured below (we can almost hear the crunch of the first bite!)

Vista Students and Members Apple Picking at Scott's Farm

As we advance to the second phase of our Quality of Life/Recreational Programming (beginning November 13), we look forward to sharing more experiential opportunities!