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More Connected Than Ever Recap & Survey Results
More Connected Than Ever Recap & Survey Results
Becky Lipnick

As we adapt to our new normal, it is important to remember that we are not experiencing these events alone. Rather than feeling isolated, those at Vista have been discovering ways to strengthen their connections to each other and to their communities, while forming new connections during this common experience.

We hope you enjoyed these stories about how we are "More Connected Than Ever..."

At Vista, we believe that human connection fosters resilience and hope for all of us. We have seen how our Vista Ambassadors connect with prospective families, how students collaborate with their trainers during the Y Be Fit program, how the Vista community celebrates Independence Day and how young adults discover their potential during our Exploring Independence summer program.

As our Independence Day collage shows, it is possible to think of new ways to interact with those around us and share in celebrating important occasions. Our summer is still unfolding, and we are continuing to find creative ways to strengthen our connections.

Vista's upcoming blog series, "More Connected Than Ever 2.0," is meant to foster greater connections within our community. During this series, we will be asking brief survey questions to learn more about you!

Last week, our blog included a survey about the 4th of July. We were thrilled to receive so many responses and learn how people spent their holiday!

With our survey, we found out most individuals prefer hamburgers (or perhaps cheeseburger or veggie burgers) in the Vista community!

While most preferred ice cream, 24% of individuals shared a special family dessert that is part of their holiday traditions. Flag cakes or red, white and blue pies were popular for the occasion. Trifles, mississippi mud pies, giant ice cream chocolate bars, strawberry shortcake and even homemade cream puffs...the list goes on but they all sounded delicious!

One Vista member, John, described his family's "ambrosia." This delightful dessert contains chunks of pineapple, whipped cream, shredded coconut and a little sour cream to cut the sweetness. Other fruits, like pears or cherries, can be added in as well. This one may be worth adding to the dessert table next year!

Even though it may not have been possible to interact with friends and family as we normally would in-person, it is still possible to connect. Over 70% of those surveyed were able to engage with friends or family in some way over the holiday, with 57% of individuals finding ways to safely interact with family, spend time outside and relax during the holiday weekend.

As we continue to sharing our stories from the summer, we look forward to hearing more about those in the Vista community. For now, happy summer!