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Seasonal Shopping
Seasonal Shopping
Pia Lauder

This blog series promises to share what we all love about experiencing the fall/winter season!

Last week, we asked you to answer our Vista survey to share what you are looking forward to this season. Of all the submissions, approximately 50% of participants said that they are looking forward to shopping for gifts with their family or friends either in person or virtually. Shopping can be a great social activity and allows us to each reflect on who and what is important in our lives.

This year, some of us will be out by ourselves, shopping in socially distanced groups, or Zooming with friends as we look for items online together. Regardless of how we find gifts to give to our friends and family, it is also possible to make a difference when choosing where to buy gifts. In Vista's case, it means holiday shopping at Creations where each purchase supports the lives of individuals with disabilities.

The animation above showcases a variety of gifts perfect for this holiday season

Creations was created to raise awareness and funds for individuals with disabilities. At Creations, the local community gets to receive assistance when shopping from Creations' Vista member Sales Associates, Amanda, Connor and Courtney. Vista students and members also enjoy shopping in the store, including Amanda and Connor (who get to use their employee discount!). This year, customers can shop at Creations' new online store at as well.

Vista members and Sales Associates Conner, Courtney and Amanda working at Creations

Particularly this time of year, Courtney enjoys going into work. "I like working at Creations because it is fun, and I get to help people," she says. "I get to meet new people and check in new products." We have all had to adapt and embrace social distancing in our daily lives, potentially altering our shopping plans this holiday season. Courtney expresses that "the holiday shopping season is great, and this year customers can make purchases online. There are globes, baby gifts, and thinking putty...if you can't make up your mind, you can always purchase a gift card."

Vista member/Sales Associate, Amanda, is also the artist of the Creations' holiday card above

While our shopping may look a little different this year, some things remain the Creations, we promise to continue to offer heartfelt seasonal gifts while supporting the lives of individuals with disabilities!

Happy Shopping!