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Snowstorm Stories
Snowstorm Stories
Becky Lipnick

While no one can know exactly what the next year will bring, we believe in the resiliency and power of our students and members. This blog series will highlight some of their personal accomplishments, new Vista opportunities and events that focus on Personal Development - one of Vista's core values.

Along the shoreline of Connecticut, we all had to adapt during the (rather large) winter snowstorm this week. Throughout the Vista community, we saw and heard about stories of resiliency and flexibility demonstrated by our students and members. Like many of us, they were busy with "snow day" activities on Tuesday - including helping with cleanup, spending some quality time with friends or even participating in our programming as scheduled!

Despite the weather, many were able to make the most of the situation...we hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about some of the activity below!

Connect Day Program members met virtually to discuss snow day activities and engage in fitness

Life Skills Instructor Luan and Chris made crab cakes at Chris' home...we love your "Best. Chris. Ever." shirt, Chris!

Some of the women of our Discover Program got together to make virtual snowmen, play Jeopardy and share favorite snow traditions

Despite the large storm, as a valued member of the team, Carolyn was needed and able to get to work at ShopRite on schedule on Tuesday... (P.S.: she was also recently recognized at her job for her outstanding customer service!)

These stories highlight just a few of the many instances of positivity and resilience that our students and members have practiced over the past few days. As we move deeper into the new year, we look forward to sharing more of their stories with you!

More to come!