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Vista Students and Members Create Snow Globes
Vista Students and Members Create Snow Globes
Becky Lipnick

"The Season of Giving" blog series will showcase our retail store Creations and some of the products it carries while also highlighting how the Vista community is making the end of 2020 a little brighter. Please enjoy the story below.

This past Saturday, Vista students and members participated in a snow globe-making recreational activity.

Vista students and members creating their own unique snow globes

Our Vista students and members got to try something new and creative, with each participant adding their own style to their snow globe by placing decorated cards (some handmade) inside. Some individuals created holiday-themed globes, while others took the opportunity to make a different and unique insert.

"This was a fun and creative way to try something I haven't tried before," said Amanda.

Participants were excited to share their snow globes with friends and family (one person mentioned giving his snow globe as a gift to his sister, but we cannot tell you who – it would spoil the surprise!). Handmade items like these one-of-a-kind snow globes make great gifts. Whether you create an item like this yourself or find something made by a local artist, these types of items convey one of Vista's key beliefs – "Uniqueness is Power."

On a broader scale, Creations, Vista's retail store in downtown Madison, has many unique pieces and is dedicated to selling handcrafted, rare, imaginative and ethically sourced products. Check out what Creations has to offer online by clicking here!

Happy Holidays!

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