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Vista Survey Results
Vista Survey Results
Elle Rohleder

As we continue to face the unknown, our connections inspire us to move forward. Our newest blog series, "More Connected Than Ever 2.0," is designed to deepen our connections so that we are all able to remain flexible and positive this summer.

Last week, we asked you to fill out a brief Vista survey so that we could learn more about each other - thank you to all who participated. As you review the results and discover more about our community, we hope that you realize... as we have... that we are more connected than ever.

Our first question provided us with the survey's most definitive result – over 50% of those surveyed stay connected to their community through working or volunteering.

One participant shared they are attempting to walk 1,000 miles during 2020 - something that is outside of their comfort zone. With 200 miles already completed, they feel they are well on their way to achieving this impressive feat (or should we say feet!)

In 2021, we may see some of these "ready to go" performers during A Shared Stage Productions ' (a Vista performing arts program) upcoming rendition of All Shook Up at The Kate in Old Saybrook!

While most preferred to read a book, others shared they would choose to sketch, cook, do a puzzle, or simply unplug from social media.

And those are the results... thank you, again, to everyone who took time to take part in this survey. We hope you have learned a little more about the broader Vista community. In the coming weeks, we look forward to exploring new ways that we can become even more connected than ever...

*The photo displayed is from last year before the rise of COVID-19*