ADA Transportation Service Requirements

Vista Life Innovations, Inc.

Vista Life Innovations adheres to the following transportation service requirements included in The American Disabilities Act of 1990 specifically pertaining to our Section 5310 Vehicles:

a.      Maintenance of Accessible Features:  Vista Maintains in operative condition the features required to make the Section 5310 vehicles accessible to individuals with disabilities.  These features include the lift, securement devices, signage, and systems to facilitate communication.  Staff will immediately report any/all vehicles and accessibility feature repair needs using Vista’s internal reporting system and repairs will be made promptly.

b.      Service Animals on Board the Vehicle:  Vista permits service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and facilities.

c.      Service to Persons using Respirators or Portable Oxygen: Vista may not deny service to individuals using respirators or portable oxygen.

d.      Lift and Securement Use: Vista requires that wheelchair users permit their wheelchairs to be secured using the securement system in the Section 5310 Vehicle.  Vehicle Operators will provide assistance with the vehicle lift and securement process as needed.  Wheelchair users may remain in their secured wheelchair and are not required to transfer to a vehicle seat if that is their need and/or preference.  Vista’s wheelchair securement procedures are shared directly with the wheelchair using clients during the initial securement training provided by vehicle operators and reviewed as needed.   Passengers with disabilities who do not use a mobility device are permitted to use the lift to board and disembark our Section 5310 vehicle upon request.

e.      Lift Deployment and Passenger Boarding Time:  Vista permits passengers who use the Section 5310 vehicle lift to disembark from the vehicle at any designated stop, unless the lift cannot be deployed, the lift will be damaged if it deployed, or temporary conditions preclude the safe use of the stop by all passengers.  There are no time restrictions for individuals to enter and exit Vista’s Section 5310 vehicle whether using the steps or lift.