Our students and members arrive from across the United States, from many diverse backgrounds. Some of our students have participated in special education classes in mainstream high schools, others have graduated from high schools designed for individuals with disabilities, while others have attended or graduated from college. It is not a requirement for a student to have graduated from high school to be accepted into our program.

Although our students are adults their disabilities have affected their social and academic progress at school and impeded development of their independent living skills. Students who participate in Vista's programs and services collaborate with staff and peers to establish an individual identity, consider career opportunities, and develop meaningful relationships, and much more.

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For individuals entering Vista on or after July 1, 2018, Vista will no longer accept Department of Developmental Services (DDS) In-Home Supports (IHS), Individual Day Vocational (IDV) and Individual Day Non-Vocational (IDN) funding for services.
Individuals enrolled in Vista prior to July 1, 2018 may use IHS, IDV or IDN funding for these services. Group Support Employment (GSE), Individual Supported Employment (ISE), Day Support Option (DSO), Individual Day Support Option (IDSO) funding may continue to be used to pay for Vista programs and services.