Admissions Criteria

We are committed to matching each individual's unique needs with programs and services that will optimize their growth, level of autonomy and success.

In order to be considered for enrollment, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be 18 years or older.

2. Have a neurologically-related disability as his/her primary disability, including but not limited to learning disability, head injury, autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorder, cognitive disability, or other neurological issues.

3. Be developmentally ready to make a commitment to a comprehensive community-based program, which includes having the motivation to participate in a work program and the potential to live in a community-based setting.

4. Have a basic ability for self-care and social judgement or have necessary accompanying supports in place.

5. Not require continuous supervision or, if continuous supervision is required, have necessary accompanying supports in place.

6. Have a level of appropriate behaviors and functionality so as to be successful in community-based living.

7. Have a basic level of judgement and willingness to follow safety and programmatic guidelines and parameters and demonstrate an understanding of when help is needed.

8. Must not have been legally determined to be incapable of making decisions for him/herself, due to the appointment of a full or plenary guardian, conservator, or other legal representative ("legal representative") that would prevent him/her to fully participate in Vista or Vista related programs. OR, if legal representation is in place, the legal representative will be required to sign necessary documents acknowledging the right of the individual to make key day-to-day decisions, in order for acceptance or continued acceptance to occur.