Admissions FAQs

When are admissions tours scheduled?
We schedule tours Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. We encourage prospective students and members to schedule their tour at least two weeks prior to the the intended date.

Should my potential student attend the tour?
Your potential student is welcome to come to the initial tour, however is not required. If he/she does attend the tour, they can take an individual tour with Vista staff and a student ambassador while the family participates in the informational meeting.

What should we bring to the Admission tour?
Bring any questions you may have about the program and plan to spend approximately 2 hours meeting with the Admissions team and touring our Westbrook campus.

How are prospective students assessed during the Functional Skills Evaluation?
The evaluation process occurs at our on-campus Dormitory & Residence Hall. The potential student shares a room with a current Vista student, participates in programming and individual, hands-on, functional skills assessments are performed by our staff in the areas of employment, life skills, cognitive, social and emotional development, and community integration.

When do we complete an application packet?

After your admissions meeting and tour, you will complete a one page initial application form indicating an interest in applying to Vista and send it with the required deposit. Upon receipt, an evaluation date will be scheduled. You will then receive a comprehensive application packet that will include student and parent applications; personal skills questionnaires; a request for high school or current program records; results of psychological tests administered within the past 5 years; along with other relevant information of a vocational, psycho-social and educational nature.

When is the comprehensive application packet due?
The completed packet is due two weeks prior to the scheduled evaluation date.

During the evaluation, can I visit or call my child?
Part of the evaluation is determining the potential student’s ability to live away from home and cope with separation from their family. While visits from family and friends would disrupt the evaluation process, a call home is traditionally scheduled.

When will I hear from Vista after the Functional Skills Evaluation?

A member of the Admissions team will contact you within one week following the completion of the five day evaluation to indicate whether your son or daughter has been accepted to Vista. The comprehensive vocational and life skills evaluation report will be sent to you within 6-8 weeks after the completion of the evaluation.

Does Vista only accept applicants into the Discover Program?
No. Traditionally the on-campus residential phase of the Discover Program is where most individuals begin at Vista; however applicants can be accepted into any phase or program based on their abilities and individual circumstances.