Introducing the 2024 Vista Core Values Calendar!

Introducing the 2024 Vista Core Values Calendar!

Here at Vista, we divide the year into nine parts in which we try to practice a core value that embodies our mission statement. Our core values are Respect, Diversity, Personal Development, Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability, Leadership, Excellence, and Community & Human Connection. Every year Vista creates a calendar that everyone can post in their homes, dorm rooms, offices, and common areas to help remind them of our core values.

This awesome photo is featured on the portrait orientation side of the calendar and also is the cover of our annual report! A huge thanks to Gabe, Jack, Alex, Ocean, Eliza, Danny, Ruth students from the Discover Program 

We decided to feature an alternate photo on the landscape orientation side of the calendar which features, aptly, a beautiful shoreline landscape.

The core values aren’t just words on a calendar. They guide our programming, projects, staff events, and the blog series you are reading right now! Concentrating on different values throughout the year helps everyone discover what it truly means to be a part of Vista, whether you’re living in the shoreline community, working to help others, or just getting started on the path to independence.

If you would like to download or print out a copy of the 2024 Core Values Calendar, click the image below. Thanks to everyone for your support this past year, let’s make 2024 just as awesome!