Staying Active and Connected - Part 3 of the Diversity Mini-Series

Staying Active and Connected - Part 3 of the Diversity Mini-Series

For the last February blog, we are continuing our Diversity mini-series by turning our focus over to the Engage Program. The Engage Program is an off-campus, community-based, and personalized program that offers ongoing assistance to adults in the community living independently. This week we will be exploring the many ways that our Engage Members stay active with Vista and the shoreline community.

Every weekday, our students and members have the opportunity to participate in up to six hours of Quality of Life offerings. We asked some people at Connect what their favorite Vista activities are.

“I enjoy going to sports games, like going to see the Connecticut Sun,” said Vista Member Eric. Community outings are popular activities at Vista, almost every week there is an outing scheduled that brings new and unique experiences to our members. Vista’s Quality of Life Manager Brittany Czajkowski gave some examples of the diverse community outings. “We go to museums, restaurants, concerts, plays, amusement parks, and so much more. We also do seasonal activities like snow tubing in the winter.”

Engage Members at last year's trip to Lake Compounce

Even with all the activities, clubs, outings and trips that Vista Members have access to, their free time away from Vista is also well spent.  Vista Member Scott told us about how he spends his down time. “I like visiting Mystic on the weekends! I’ll go there and buy myself some lunch. Otherwise, I enjoy hanging out at home with my girlfriend. We’re going out for dinner tomorrow night! SSC (Vista’s Student Support) is going to give us a ride there.”

Engage Member Alex told us about his time spent outside of Vista programming. “For the last ten years I’ve been an honorary member of the Lancraft Fife and Drum Corps Color Guard. We have performed at Vista events like the Walk for Vista in the fall.”

Scott, Alex, and Eric were kind enough to be interviewed for this blog.

Our community is built on the strength of our personal connections, and that is exemplified by the members that come every day for Vista activities, clubs, outings and trips. We are always trying out new activities, learning what everyone likes and dislikes, and asking our community what they want from our programming. That includes Vista member Scott’s final quote from our interview. “More outings to Hartford Yard Goats games would be great! Those are really fun.”

Until next time…