Ambassadors at Discover

Ambassadors at Discover

At Vista's Discover Program in Westbrook CT, students have many opportunities to sharpen their career readiness skills. One of those opportunities is the position of Student Ambassador. Anyone that has desire to take a leadership role in the program can apply to become an ambassador and assist our admissions team.

Student ambassadors are tasked with understanding the Vista mission and sharing information about our programming and services. Students learn about the admissions process, the details of Vista’s campus, scheduling, dress codes, active listening, and upholding guidelines. Importantly, our ambassadors are also a key part of the admissions process for students and families that are interested in the Discover Program. If you have ever taken a guided tour of our Westbrook campus you have probably had the pleasure of meeting one of our ambassadors!

Currently there are four ambassadors at Discover, Chris, Danny, Jimmy, and Catherine. For this week's blog we interviewed Catherine, and she shared her thoughts on being an integral part of the admissions process and a leader in the Vista community.


Catherine and Jimmy study the ambassador materials in preparation for tours

"I welcome new students and show them around the campus whenever there is a tour." Catherine told us. "I like giving everyone who visits a good experience." When asked if she's helped tour anyone who has then become a student at Discover, Catherine said "Yeah, there's a couple. Some people I met on tours are my friends now, like Kaitlin (a fellow Discover student)!"


Catherine going over the sign in/out board

Suzanne Gregory, Admissions Manager, works closely with Student Ambassadors as a part of the admissions process. “Today during a tour, Catherine walked up to us, introduced herself, and offered to help show around a prospective family. It’s awesome to see our student ambassadors being positive, responsible role models in the Vista community.”

Our student ambassadors do a great job helping out our admissions team and being leaders in their community. We are so grateful for the work they do for Vista. Thanks Ambassadors!

More to come...