Rotaract's Book Drive

Rotaract's Book Drive

Supporting the people in our community is important to everyone here at Vista, including the members of Vista’s Rotaract Club. The Rotaract Club is comprised of Vista students and members who want to serve and take actions to improve their community. Past Rotaract initiatives have included fundraising, organizing coat drives, shoe drives, setting up a community garden, and more!

Recently the club has been working on a new project, a book drive. Vista member Mary got the idea while working at RJ Julia in downtown Madison. We talked to Mary about her experience working at the renowned independent bookstore. “I love it, I really enjoy working there,” Mary told us. “I've done work at historic societies before Vista, I work at Meig’s Point at Hammonasset State Park and for the Vista Rotaract Club.”


Vista member Mary at RJ Julia

“I thought of the idea for the Book Drive because I work at RJ Julia, and my friend Kara works at Syd’s Book Shack” Mary explained. “I have so many books and other people have so many books, so I thought about getting people to donate!”

Syd’s Book Shack is a non-profit used bookstore located in Madison. Inspired by the store’s namesake, Sydney, their mission is to provide “talkers,” AKA iPads with assistive communication technology, to non-verbal individuals. “I hope we get a lot of donations,” Mary said. “We just extended the drive to July 9th so everyone still has time to contribute!”

You can donate to the Vista Rotaract Book Drive by dropping off books at Vista’s Administrative Building, 107 Bradley Road in Madison, CT. We ended our interview with Mary by asking why she participates in Rotaract. Mary replied, “Because it makes me feel good!”

Until next week…