Discovering Diversity - Part 1 of the Diversity Mini-Series

Discovering Diversity - Part 1 of the Diversity Mini-Series

To celebrate February and March, the two core value months of diversity, we are going to feature a blog mini-series about the cultural, geographic, and programmatic diversity of our Students and Members. In this first installment, we talked to some of our Discover students to learn about their family’s heritage and traditions.

First, we talked to Nikita, a Discover student that has been at the program for three months. “I would say that I have Russian ancestry,” he told us. “I’ve never visited Russia, and don’t think it would be a good idea to go right now.”

We asked Nikita if he and his family celebrate any Russian holidays or traditions. “Well, there’s the Christmas tradition of blini flipping,” he said. “While cooking blini (a thin flour or buckwheat pancake) in a pan, everyone tries to get a perfect flip. It’s really fun! Otherwise, we eat pierogi and lots of different pies.”

Nikita at the Discover Campus

We then spoke to Catherine about her Irish heritage. “I’ve never been but I would like to go someday,” she said. “I like Irish corned beef hash and would like to try other Irish foods.” We also asked if there was a culture that Catherine would like to know more about. “Definitely Italy. I would like to go on a trip to try all the food and learn the language.”

“I love learning about history so I would want to visit somewhere historic, maybe Belgium or Greece,” Nikita told us. “France would be interesting too, there’s a lot of history there.”

It’s great to see so many of our students interested in other countries and cultures, like Will who wants to visit England, or Ocean who thinks that Korea would be a fun vacation. Our Discover community, or any community, is made stronger when people with different backgrounds are included to contribute their thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for reading this first installment of our Diversity mini-series. Next week we’re going to be a little closer to home by exploring the different places our Students and Members grew up.

See you next week!