Everyone's Looking Up!

Everyone's Looking Up!

This past Monday, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the whole Vista community stopped and looked up. Southern Connecticut was lucky to receive a solar eclipse with 90% totality, and everyone was so excited to see the show.

The Discover Program Students in Westbrook watching the eclipse.

At the Discover Program Campus in Westbrook, Vista staff handed out eclipse glasses and went over safety precautions with students in preparation for the eclipse. The Students then headed out to the front lawn and parking lot to view the eclipse.

Connect and Engage Members appreciating the eclipse at our campus in Madison

In Madison, Vista’s Connect Program and Engage Program Members also received glasses and a quick safety rundown. The Connect staff also put together some eclipse themed snacks, including Sun Chips and black and white cookies.

Eclipse themed snacks at Connect!

If nothing else, this extraterrestrial event was a good excuse to stop what we were all doing, go outside, and spend some time together as a community. If you missed the Great American Eclipse of 2024, there is another eclipse happening in 2044 (although you would have to travel to Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota to see it). Otherwise we’ll all have to wait until the year 2079, when Connecticut will get its very own total solar eclipse.

See you next week!