Engage Members Find Community In Vista Villages

Engage Members Find Community In Vista Villages

At Vista, we believe that a sense of community is what binds us together. In fact, those at Vista learn that it is possible to become active members of a diverse array of communities.

In this blog series, What does Community Mean to You?, we will be highlighting a few of the communities that our students and members take part in. We hope that by reading these stories, you will be able to learn about the valuable connections that our students and members make every day.

As you may know, Vista's Engage members reside all along the Connecticut shoreline in their own homes—making it important for us to find opportunities to connect with one another. Vista's members are divided into three "Villages" based on their geographic location: Anchor Village, Lighthouse Village, and Starfish Village, where each Village finds ways to build connections and develop a sense of community.

In the Villages, Vista Challenges are a popular way for members to support each other in accomplishing positive goals (and offer a chance to win enticing prizes!). One of the members’ favorite Challenges is Vista’s Fitness Challenges. Vista’s April Fitness Challenge was open to members from every village where each member earned points every time they exercised over the month.

Here is Andrew of Anchor Village, April’s Fitness Challenge winner, taking a hike at the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge!

The Vista Villages also have many gatherings throughout the year to bring Vista members together. Village gatherings include events like movie nights, sports viewing parties, community activities and seasonal gatherings.

For instance, Starfish Village hosted a summer luau to allow members to connect, play games and share food together! 

During group activities, Vista’s members often work together to give back to their greater community. For Earth Day this year, many members enthusiastically participated throughout the shoreline!

From Lighthouse Village, “Team Vista” joined a larger community effort to clean up the Chapman Beach Community, as you can see in the image below.

These are just a few examples of the ways that the Vista Villages foster a sense of community. It is exciting to see what happens when our members come together!

More to come!