Fostering Community through Employment

Fostering Community through Employment

At Vista, we believe that a sense of community is what binds us together. In fact, those at Vista learn that it is possible to become active members of a diverse array of communities.

In this blog series, What does Community Mean to You?, we will be highlighting a few of the communities that our students and members take part in. We hope that by reading these stories, you will be able to learn about the valuable connections that our students and members make every day.

Many find a deep sense of community in the workplace. It is where connections are formed and friendships are often built. Our students and members learn how to prepare for employment in the community through Job Development.

Vista’s Job Development class prepares students throughout the entire job process. “The program teaches our students consistency, skill building, tenacity, and coping strategies. This helps when Employment Services assists in providing assessments or finding work in the community,” according to Vista’s Job Coach John Brown. He also states that before students actively search for a job, “It’s important that students identify their strengths.” 

Job Coach John Brown and Discover Student Chris researching job opportunities in the local community

In Job Development, students learn various techniques to identify their talents, abilities and passions. Participants then research employers to find work that lines up with their interests. Discover student Chris shares, “Sometimes as a person with a disability, it can take longer to find the right fit with an employer…but once you do, it’s great!” Chris is currently working with his Job Coach to find the best job for him.

John Brown has seen how “if a student enjoys their work, then their confidence will rise and they will be more successful. In turn, we are proud to work with employers that value highlighting the role of individuals with disabilities in the community.”

A student working at her Vista receptionist internship with her Job Coach

In addition to offering employment opportunities through Vista's social enterprises, Ventures Business Services and Creations, Vista works with over 70 community employers in the greater shoreline community. We love to see our students and members connect to the community through employment!

More to come!