The Joy of Dance

The Joy of Dance

This past Friday, fifteen Vista students gathered in the Discover classroom at the Westbrook Campus to take part in the Joy of Dance class. Every week, instructor Linalynn Schmelzer leads the students in several group-oriented dances featuring exercise and great music. The class starts with calm music and chair stretches to get everyone ready for dancing. Then after everyone has limbered up, the chairs are put away and the classroom becomes a dance floor!

The start of a Joy of Dance class; stretching and calm music.

We spoke to Admissions Coordinator Lauren Onishi about the dance class and its effect on the Discover Students. “We are thrilled to see the popularity in the Joy of Dance class," Lauren told us. "If we are ever touring a new student around the Westbrook campus on a Friday, we always have them join in. It’s just a great way for people to break out of their shell and join in on the fun. The amount of freestyle expression and participation is awesome.”

Discover student Alex gets his groove on.

Joy of Dance is about so much more than listening to good music and learning some dance moves. It’s a good excuse to get some exercise, a great way to build community, and relieve any stress. The amount of kindness, support, and participation in our Discover programs, activities, and events is a testament to our student’s respect for each other. It exemplifies the Vista community, where everyone is welcome to express themselves in the way they want to.