Meet Daniel, a Discover Student in the Transition Condominiums

Meet Daniel, a Discover Student in the Transition Condominiums

As we move forward through 2021, we are kicking off a new blog series called Where are They Now? 

At the start of 2017, Daniel joined Vista's residential transition program known as the Discover Program. He has recently moved from the dormitory into Discover's transition condominiums. Daniel spoke to us about his experience with Vista thus far.

Daniel, a Vista Discover Student in the Transition Condominiums

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I was living in Vista's dormitory, but I recently moved into a transition condominium and live with two housemates. Living in the condominium is helping me get ready for living in my own home in the greater community.

Daniel at his Transition Condominium Home

What are some of the things you wanted for your life that led you to join the Discover Program?

I wanted to be more independent and make a life for myself.

My recent move to Vista’s transition condominiums has given me more flexibility to develop the skills needed to achieve my goal of living independently. In particular, I am learning to share space in the kitchen and living area. I love being able to watch my favorite TV shows and films with popcorn in my own home.

What are some skills you have learned, and what are you still working on? 

In the transition condominiums, you’re responsible for keeping your home clean and doing chores, so I’m doing my chores and even starting to practice decorating.

I also have had the opportunity to grow and to learn new skills while living with my new housemates. I like to cook a lot of things in our kitchen like western omelets, mashed potatoes, meatloaf and flank steak. I am going to ask if my housemates like these sorts of meals too. 

Daniel in the Transition Condominium Kitchen

What sorts of things do you do in your free time? Can you talk about your social life?

I listen to music in my free time, watch films and I go out for walks when it is nice out. Usually, I would go to the Y’s fitness center. I plan to frequently visit there again when things are safer. When possible, I like spending time with my friend Kathleen. We often like to chat or go out to dinner together. 

What do you do for community involvement, work, volunteering, or job development?

I just got a job at Walmart! Before my current employment, I participated in work assessments at Ventures Business Services with Vista and at a consignment shop, Hole in the Wall, that prepared me for my new job.

I've grown a lot since my first employment experiences while attending high school. Then, I was unable to concentrate, but now I can concentrate for longer periods of time and focus.

What are you proud of? How have you surprised yourself?

I am proud of getting my new job! I also work on being flexible in my thinking and I am proud of how I have become more of a flexible thinker over the years. 

Do you have any programming you really like at Vista?

Day is Done is my favorite; it’s a social gathering via Zoom. We enjoy karaoke, so we sing along to our favorite tunes together. I also enjoy opportunities to do sports activities such as soccer, baseball, and basketball, which I also participate in for Special Olympics.

What does Vista mean to you?

I enjoy the independence I have to achieve my goals and chase my dreams.

What are some fun facts about you? 

As I mentioned before, I enjoy karaoke because I have a passion for music and playing instruments.

I’m planning to get a sousaphone and hopefully bigger symbols for my birthday. My friends and I are thinking of starting a marching band. So, I’m currently saving my money for hats, gloves, and uniforms.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Daniel!

More to come!