Nutritious and Delicious

Nutritious and Delicious

Last year, Vista’s Discover program introduced a new meal service, called My25. My25 is a service that constructs purpose-made menus, puts together shopping lists, puts together recipes, and provides educational resources regarding nutrition, preventative health, and menu planning.

We spoke to Will Goble, the Director of Discover, about the meal system. “We have students allergic to almonds, vegetarians, people with celiac disease, so it allows us to accommodate any dietary needs, whether that’s medical or ethical,” Will told us. “It also has the benefit of providing a variety of healthy meals that change with seasonal shifts in ingredients.”

“My25 has been great to work with since we are able to adapt and refine the menu options in a way that works for our students. If you’re going grocery shopping, it’s tough to read every box, jar, and bag’s ingredient list. Now imagine doing that for almost forty students! The new meal service takes all our students’ needs into consideration and provides safe, healthy meals that accommodate everyone. And then when new students come in, we are able to redesign our offerings to meet their needs.”

We spoke to Discover Student and seafood-lover Jack about his favorite new menu items. “I particularly like the breaded tilapia, that’s a fairly new one. My second favorite is the salmon dish, I like it but it’s not quite as flavorful as the tilapia, maybe there’s some kind of oil they can’t use because of allergies.”


Discover Student Gabe puts a voting magnet on the feedback chart.

Feedback and criticism are always welcome at the Discover kitchen, but recently we have introduced a way to quantify and log our students’ feedback. Our Quinnipiac summer interns developed a feedback chart that now hangs in the Discover common room. Students can simply put a voting magnet on the board to express how they felt about the dish. Students with more to say can even fill out an anonymous comment card and drop it in a box.

Feeding a large group of people is never easy, but we here at Vista are super proud of the hard work put in by our Kitchen Staff, Life Skills Instructors, and Program Counselors. With their efforts, and the voices of our students, we are providing healthy, safe, and delicious meals every day.