Highlighting Oliver at Ventures

Highlighting Oliver at Ventures

Employment is a key part of independence and success for Vista students and members. Program Counselors, Job Coaches, and community vocational partners work with students and members in different settings to help them prepare for independent careers. Ventures Business Services, located on Vista's Madison campus, is part of that job development program. This week we’re highlighting Oliver, a Ventures Associate, and the amazing work he has done for Ventures.

Oliver assembling the NICU 1 tray

We first spoke to Harold Quinn, Manager of Ventures Business Services, about the company. “Ventures is a supportive workplace for Vista students and members,” Harold said. “We have several different sectors, including medical material fulfillment, where Oliver works. It’s a paid position, we take applications, interview, and hire like any other company. Ventures can be a stepping stone for students coming out of the Discover program, or it can be a career for Engage members. We have people who came from the Discover Program, were offered an internship, and they're still working here five or six years later.”

“Oliver specializes in the very sophisticated NICU tray, which has a couple hundred supplies in it,” Harold told us. “He has very good attention to detail, he builds the same exact thing every day that he comes to work. That’s the environment where Oliver thrives.”

The Ventures Business Services Warehouse, where medical materials are sorted and stored

We asked Oliver about his experience working at Ventures. “I started at Ventures about six years ago,” Oliver told us. “I make NICU trays.” NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and is for newborns who need additional care. The NICU trays that Oliver builds are distributed to every single Neonatal Intensive Care Unit throughout Yale New Haven Health, helping nurses, doctors, and specialists be prepared for any situation that may arise.

When asked about what he likes most about his job, Oliver replied, “Nothing in particular, I just like working here!”

Thanks Oliver!