Sam at the Museum: Part 2!

Sam at the Museum: Part 2!

Back in March, we featured a story on the Vista Blog about Sam Stark and his five-year anniversary of working at the Florence Griswold Museum (click here to read the original story). Today we are proud to announce that after years of volunteering, Sam has joined the museum staff as paid employee. During the recent Volunteer Picnic and Awards Ceremony, Executive Director Joshua Campbell Torrance spoke about Sam and his commitment to his craft and the museum:

“For those of you who don’t know Sam, he came to us back in 2018 after our Marketing Director Tammi Flynn got a call from Vista Life Innovations. It’s their mission to help adults with neurological disabilities create pathways to independence. So Vista connected us with Sam, who is passionate about photography and creating videos – and just at a time when we were looking to create more high-quality content for our YouTube Channel."

Sam posing for a photo in the FGM gardens

"Sam loves our grounds and gardens, he loves decorating for Holiday Magic and serving at Midsummer, and he loves being a part of this extended family. After five years as a faithful volunteer, we were thrilled to be able to welcome him as a paid member of the staff this year.”

Sam receiving his employment award at the FGM Volunteer Picnic and Awards Ceremony

Sam has produced over 170 videos for the museum’s YouTube channel, helping to promote their programs and exhibitions and educate viewers about the Florence Griswold Museum and its mission. “These videos have been a fantastic addition to our offerings – and truly instrumental in our communications during the pandemic,” Joshua Campbell Torrance said.

If you want to check out Sam’s work, visit Sam’s website at and The Florence Griswold Museum’s YouTube channel at

More to come…