Running the Special Olympics Torch Through Connecticut!

Running the Special Olympics Torch Through Connecticut!

There are many external programs, events, and organizations that students and members in the Vista community participate in and utilize. One such organization is the Special Olympics, a global organization that has provided competitions, training programs, and activities for individuals with disabilities for over fifty years.

Vista students and members have participated in many events over the years, including Skiing, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field, Soccer, and more! We asked Vista member Scott, who has been a Special Olympics Athlete for several years, about his experiences. “It’s fun,” Scott told us. "You get to participate with other people from around the country. I played soccer in the Special Olympics Summer Games this year, I had a good time!"

Vista member Lee (far right) during the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run through Guilford.

The Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run is a tradition that raises funds and awareness for the Special Olympics. This year, it held special significance for our community as Vista member Lee proudly carried the torch during the event.

Lee assisted the torch run on Leg 8 from Clinton to New Haven. Carrying the Flame of Hope is a personal highlight for Lee, as he appreciates the support from law enforcement for the Special Olympics. Lee shared his experiences, saying, "I like to support the police and help hold the torch.”

When asked what motivates him to participate year after year, Lee told us, "I love to run." His dedication is evident as he prepares by practicing with his team every week leading up to the event. Lee’s message to the community is clear: "The Summer Games are for everyone, and I like to run with my team." Lee has been a part of this great event for six years, and his enthusiasm continues to inspire others.

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