Personal Development at the Training Condominiums

Personal Development at the Training Condominiums

This week we’re exploring the often unmentioned, but vitally important aspect of the Discover Program, the training condominiums. Located right next door to the Westbrook Campus where the Discover Program is based, and overlooking the beautiful Patchogue River Marsh, the training condominiums (also referred to as Spencer’s Landing) are an opportunity for Discover students to exercise their independence while still being close to the campus’s programs and resources.

“The main reasons that we move students to the training condos is to help develop their independence,” Discover Program Counselor Stephanie Mizger told us. “When they’re here at the dorm they don’t get the opportunity to grocery shop and cook food as often. At the condos students do grocery shopping once a week, meal prep twice a week, and make their own meals almost every day. The students at the condos are also managing their medication more independently, as well as keeping their own schedule independent from the Discover campus schedule."

Spencer's Landing overlooking the marsh in in Westbrook, CT

The students that reside in the the training condominiums are primarily occupied by students that are preparing to leave the Discover Program and live independently in the community. One student who lives at Spencer's Landing is Ruthie, who is preparing to graduate and join the Engage Program. Ruthie joined the program last year and now works as a receptionist at the Westbrook Dormitory. We talked to her about the experience of moving into the condos.

“I feel like I’ve been really good at managing my own responsibilities, but I’ve still been working on organizing and budgeting on my own,” Ruthie said. “One thing that’s really cool is now that we’re getting some good weather, I have the opportunity to plan my own bike rides and walks, especially down by the beach. There are some Vista members that I’m friends with and I make plans with them, that’s been nice.”

Discover Student (soon to be Member!) Ruthie at her training condo home

For Discover Students, the move to the training condominiums is another important step in the path to full independence. It is a valuable tool for putting the lessons learned in Discover into practice. With all of that in mind, we hope that you will all mark your calendars for the next big event coming up on our Vista calendar, Graduation! On August 23rd, we will be acknowledging the accomplishments of the Discover Students who are leaving Discover to become Engage Members. It is an amazing event that celebrates the whole Vista community, and we can’t wait to see our students start their next big life journey.

Until next week…