The United States of Discover - Part 2 of the Diversity Mini-Series

The United States of Discover - Part 2 of the Diversity Mini-Series

To celebrate February and March, the two core value months of diversity, we are featuring a blog mini-series about the cultural, geographic, and programmatic diversity of our Students and Members. In this second installment, we mapped out the hometowns of our Discover Program students!

Above is a map of all of our Discover Program students' hometowns.


The state with the most hometowns is Connecticut, with twelve students calling the Constitution State home. Two more students join the New England party with the addition of Massachusetts and Vermont.

The single town or city that the most Discover students call home is New York City, with five in total. You would think that Connecticut wins the hometown count by a landslide, but New York State is in a close second with eleven!

As the map shows, most of our students are grouped around the Tri-State area. But there are two notable outliers with Missouri and Idaho. Discover student Adair spoke with us about growing up in the "Gateway City" of St. Louis.

"St. Louis is pretty cool. It definitely is a lot different than Connecticut but it's a nice town, Adair said. "There's the Gateway arch, and a ton of stuff to do. I would definitely want to live there again someday."

Vista started in 1989 with around 10 members from the Tri-state area. It is amazing to see that our Discover Program has nearly triple that number of students, and that people from as far as Vermont, Missouri, Idaho want to join the Vista community.

See you next week for the third installment of our mini-series!