Vista Creates Community Through Recreational Activities

Vista Creates Community Through Recreational Activities

At Vista, we believe that a sense of community is what binds us together. In fact, those at Vista learn that it is possible to become active members of a diverse array of communities.

In this blog series, What does Community Mean to You?, we will be highlighting a few of the communities that our students and members take part in. We hope that by reading these stories, you will be able to learn about the valuable connections that our students and members make every day.

The summer of 2021 was busy as the Vista students and members were once again able to enjoy activities in various locations. Some pastimes included enjoying the outdoors, playing games, and spending time with their peers. After the many challenges the past year brought, it was wonderful to safely engage in various pursuits.

Some highlights from Summer 2021 Quality of Life programming include mini golf, a Thimble Island cruise, fairs, and a trip to Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens.

Vista participant putting during mini golf

At the beginning of October, Vista members went on a trip to Iroquois Springs, a camp in Rock Hill, NY. It has been two years since Vista has gone on a trip. Members expressed interest in a trip that included outdoor activities. More importantly, they wanted to spend some quality time with their friends and peers. 

The trip was not just about the games, hikes, and rope course we did, though. It was about spending time together after two years had passed. The Vista members laughed around a campfire and ate meals together. They watched movies in the theater and hiked around the lake. It was a time of community and fresh air, despite the rain. 


Making s'mores and doing team challenges at Iroquois Springs 

One of the high points of our trip was tackling a low ropes course together. Through the different challenging courses, the members learned the importance of teamwork and support. No matter how difficult the task is, with the support of our friends, we can tackle it together.

More to come!