Vista Graduation - Meet Donald

Vista Graduation - Meet Donald

For our upcoming blog series, we are thrilled to introduce you to some Vista students who have reached a significant milestone this year...our Vista 2021 graduating class!

We hope you enjoy!

For our next 2021 Vista graduate, we would like to introduce you to Donald MacIver. Donald is from Watertown, CT, and Centerville, MA, and started at Vista in 2019. Donald has been able to transition out of the Discover Program and move into his own home in the greater community as a Vista Engage member prior to graduation this year. Donald spoke with us about his Vista journey thus far.

Donald MacIver, Class of 2021

What are you known for at Vista?

I am known for being friendly, independent, and patient.

Donald has cultivated his friendships at Vista by doing things like playing games with his peers and participating in clubs like the Vista Rotaract Club

What are some of the goals you worked towards while in Vista’s Discover Program and what are you still working on?

One of my goals was to develop friendships. I’ve met more people while being at Vista and have been able to stay in touch with my best friend. I’ve known my best friend since preschool and am still able to play card games with him and his family. I walk to his home, which gets me out into the community.

I also wanted to exercise and eat healthy. I enjoy being in the kitchen and making healthy recipes like meatloaf and shepherd’s pie.

An important goal was to develop my job skills and add to my resume. Prior to joining Vista, I worked at a restaurant washing dishes and bussing tables; it was stressful and felt too fast paced for me. During my time in the Discover Program, I have developed skills such as paying attention to small details which I utilize at my current job with Vista’s Ventures Business Services in fulfillment. There, I can work at my own pace, which allows me to stay focused and be accurate in my work by taking it slow. To prepare for my current job, I volunteered at job training sites like at Bare Necessities, Inc. with Tina Bascom. I was able to learn how to help with preparing the diaper donations, and once I mastered that Tina gave me special projects like helping with the inventory.

What are some of your proudest achievements while at Vista?

I’m proud of achieving my goals: having a job, staying healthy, and graduating!

I am also proud that I was able to move from the Discover dormitory to the transition condominiums and into my own home. I live in the greater community with three roommates. We often have dinner together and share responsibility for Hunter, our house cat. While I lived independently before coming to Vista, I find the experience much easier now because of the access to work, transportation, and the YMCA. I didn’t know how to use public transportation before, but I use the bus now.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

On graduation day, I’m looking forward to seeing my family, peers, and friends to celebrate with them!

After graduation, I want to keep exploring the community and making more friends. I would like to develop my education as well. I have taken college classes before and hope to continue my major in visual communication and graphic design.

Donald is a huge fan of art and loves looking at new pieces

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy learning about art⁠—drawing, painting, and graphic and visual design. I like to draw on the computer using Adobe.

I like to play basketball! I’ve played at the YMCA and with some of the Vista sports activities.

Bonus question: What is your favorite food?

My favorite food would have to be strawberries.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Donald and will be there to cheer him on at Vista’s 2021 Graduation Ceremony on August 20 at 1:00 PM!

Stay tuned to meet our next Vista graduate from the Class of 2021!

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