Vista Recreation Update Blog

Vista Recreation Update Blog

Before moving on to our next series, we wanted to give you an update about Vista’s recreation offerings over the last six months.

Employment 101

Katie, a Vista member, holding her Vista Rec-Box

Vista has adapted its recreation programming to continue to offer innovative recreational offerings to our students and members during the pandemic. One way Vista adapted was through the development of Recreation Boxes or "Rec-Boxes.” Rec-Boxes were first launched in Vista's winter recreation catalog. The idea of an activity kit in a box came from the need for recreation to be accessible and available in students' and members' homes.

Brittany Czajkowski, Vista's Quality of Life Coordinator, explains, "With not everyone feeling comfortable attending in-person activities, the Rec-Boxes were a simple and fun way to service a large number of Vista's students and members."

Eighteen students and members initially signed up for the January Tassel Key Chain Box. Since then, Vista has released a Rec-Box on a monthly basis and reached a total of almost 90 Vista students and members with this newly launched program.

 Rachel, a Vista member, creating a Bleeding Tissue Canvas Rec-Box

Every Rec-Box includes the activity supplies and instructions on how to complete the activity. These have included map magnets, bleeding tissue paper canvases and wooden pencil holders. Rachel, a Vista member, describes, "Rec-Boxes give you this exciting feeling of getting to open the box and see all the things inside." Because of their success with the students and members, we will continue to offer Rec-Boxes in our programming.

Participants in Vista's basketball clinic practicing their shots

Another way we have reached students and members during the pandemic restrictions is through virtual and in-person fitness programs like yoga, sports activities and seated exercise classes. This month, students and members participated in a basketball clinic and Sit-Fit class.


Basketball clinic participants practicing their dribbling

During the basketball clinic, participants practiced dribbling, passing and shooting. At the end, each member went through an obstacle course to showcase the skills they learned.

In Sit-Fit class, students and members participated in strength training using hand weights in a seated position. This allows a lower impact on joints and is adaptable for individuals of all abilities.

Since restarting in October of 2020, over 150 students and members have participated in wellness offerings.

Sit-Fit class built their arm strength by pumping weights 

As we continue to move forward, we remember the lessons of this past year while offering innovative programming opportunities to our students and members. It is exciting to imagine what the future holds.

More to come!