What's Cooking!

What's Cooking!


March Core Value Highlight: Diversity
Differences among us bring strength, value, and perspective.

In Vista’s long-term support program Engage, members find a gateway to diversity through food via the "What's Cooking?" challenge to prepare a well-balanced and healthy meal and share it with their peers.

The challenge was designed by Vista Life Skills Instructor, Aimee Vincente. She shares: “There are a lot of great Engage Chefs out there cooking up a storm, so I thought it would be a fun activity to showcase the members' cooking skills coupled with healthy and diverse meals that they are preparing with their Life Skills Instructors."

"It may be a new spice or vegetable, or just putting a twist on the typical taco meal for a healthier taco bowl creation. It’s exciting to watch a member go outside their comfort zone and replace a familiar food such as rice with cauliflower rice or quinoa. They are usually pleasantly surprised by the taste of the healthier option and are then more open to exploring other foods. As a Life Skills Instructor, it’s very rewarding to watch my members incorporate some of these healthier food choices into their diet and become proficient with cooking a variety of diverse and healthy entrees.”

Engage member and chef Mary prepared broiled salmon and pureed potatoes with a side of honey yogurt topped with fruit salad. 

Vista Engage member Mary, enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and share her Irish background through healthy and delicious foods as pictured above. She shares: “Diversity can be experienced in many ways such as music, beliefs and food. It's important that we practice acceptance and tolerance!" 

Engage members who took part in the "What's Cooking" challenge.

There are many diverse ways to express yourself and your creativity, and good, healthy cooking is an amazing skill to funnel that creativity into. We are looking forward to see what other fantastic dishes our talented chefs can produce in the "What's Cooking?" challenge, and are excited to help other students and members explore their culinary creativity.

More to come…

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