Benefits & Advocacy

Assisting individuals and their families navigate entitlements, and plan for the future.

Our Benefits & Advocacy services provide life planning and consultation to help individuals and families explore and identify potential supports that may be needed or desired during the lifetime of an individual. The life planning process examines and addresses various aspects of an individual's life including housing, employment, health, financial resources, benefits and entitlements, activities and interests, community, and quality of life.

Services are designed around the individual's need and are offered to Vista students and members, as well as community members.

Our Benefits & Advocacy services include:

  • Informational benefits consultation with Benefits & Advocacy professionals provides guidance, referrals and resources regarding various programs and entitlements for which an individual may be eligible
  • Management of an individual's federal, state, and local entitlements, life planning, case management, and program coordination and oversight
  • Exploration and identification of various potential supports that may be needed and/or desired during the lifetime of an individual


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